Daniel Man - only a butterfly is a good fly
08 May 2011 - Street Art - meanwhile in deepest east anglia, thunderbirds were go..., Von der Heydt Museum - Kunsthalle Barmen Wuppertal / Germany



Staring at the sun, Hermine Anthoine, REINKINGPROJEKTE, Hamburg
ARTotale - Leuphana Urban Art Project, Lueneburg / Germany
Only a butterfly is a good fly, Daniel Man, REINKINGPROJEKTE, Hamburg
Broken Horizons, Brad Downey, REINKINGPROJEKTE
Urban Art, Weserburg, Bremen / Germany
Urban-Art, the exhibition catalogue
Amourfou, Baldur Burwitz Soloshow, REINKINGPROJEKTE
Boxi Cutting It, REINKINGPROJEKTE, Hamburg / Germany
Call it what you like, Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad, Denmark
Call it what you like, the exhibition catalogue
fresh air smells funny, the exhibition catalogue
Still on and non the wiser, the exhibition catalogue


Herbert Baglione Herbert Baglione
São Paulo (Brazil)
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Boxi Boxi
Berlin (Germany)
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Brad Downey Brad Downey
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Mark Jenkins Mark Jenkins
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Daniel Man Daniel Man
Munich (Germany)
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Pius Portmann Pius Portmann
Zurich (Switzerland)
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Mirko Reisser (DAIM) Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
Hamburg (Germany)
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Tilt Tilt
Toulouse (France)
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Vitche Vitché
São Paulo (Brazil)
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Zevs Zevs
Paris (France)
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